Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Curious Case of Joey Saputo

My patience for TFC is running thin. Not with the team—not winning I can deal with—but the overall lack of everything. Let’s just say, Nesta hit hard.

To me, it’s hard to see the management passion for TFC. Is it there? Maybe, but I sure as hell can’t see it, and that’s what has become my growing concern: I don’t see any push for anything, other than media-friendly press releases. Honestly, I don’t care to be spoon fed crap about looking to the future; I could make a TFC drinking game out of “looking to the future.” I want to know what that future is. Who we’re looking at. What is being done.

I’d like to stress, especially after our 3 – 0 loss today, this is not because we’re not winning. This is not so we can eventually make a playoff spot. This has nothing to do with the actual team. I am writing this post because I want someone, anyone, to prove to me that yes, management does care.

Because let’s face it: why should I be bothered if they don’t (seem) to?

Truth be told, Nesta was (in my opinion) a huge fuck up, and really, one of the last straws for me. Hints and whispers that the club was actually going to do something significant, something major, and Montreal snaps him up almost effortlessly. Well, Joey Saputo snapped him up, because he knew what he wanted, and went for it. He wants his team to win, and does what he can to make it so.

Of course, it helps that it’s his team and not own by some larger, giant, faceless, corporation who has TFC low on their list of priorities (though, does no one else find the Nash-Raptor-rumours that happened at the same time hilariously coincidental/pathetic?) Sure, TFC may have been doing something behind the scenes, but the problem is we don’t know anything about it and therefore, it may as well not exist.

Now, I’m not saying dealings, signings (etc.) have to be shared immediately and publically; no, I’m not that naïve. But it would be nice to see some passion behind the club (management-wise, again, nothing about this post is towards the actual team), or some drive. Because right now, all I see is a giant “fuck you, we can do whatever the hell we want,” except, they aren’t doing anything. That doesn’t mean I am necessarily saying “Fire _____” or “Hire ____” (because no one listened to me then, either), all I’m saying is give me something, anything, to show me that you care.

I have never seen an owner (and I used that term lightly) so passionless in my life, even Pozzo does more! And yes, Toronto FC, that is a major burn.

When it comes down to it, I find myself asking: why should I care if no one else seems to? Because quite frankly, I’m getting sick and tired of the complete lack of respect Toronto FC (note, not the team, have I stressed that enough?!) has for their fans. And I am getting an increasing amount of respect, and admiration, for Joey Saputo, especially when I see things like this:

This of course, was in response to this:

 I’m sorry, but how can anyone begrudge him for being annoyed—no, pissed off—at a loss like that? And he had every right to be. I rather see him angry because he cares, than completely apathetic and indifferent. Anyone who thinks he’s being “too hard” or “throwing a temper tantrum” clearly does not have an Italian father. He’s angry because he knows they can do better, he wants them to do better. And because he cares enough to believe in both, he will do anything in his power (and within league rules, I suppose) that will give him the tools to do so. So, he’s making an ex-Italian National Team; you’re really going to make fun of that? He just signed one of the greatest Italian defenders, how can you not respect his enthusiasm? Or, more so, his dedication to his team.  

Is it also a business deal? Sure. But at least he gives a damn (publically) about his team. And yes, I am envious about that.

But for now, I will shut up and put my faithless faith in a bunch of ties while they (I can only assume) do nothing. All for one, right?

Thanks for making me lose faith, Toronto FC.


Post script: And boys, thanks for giving me reason to keep wearing a TFC shirt. 


  1. An excellent article. You've crystallized something that's been nagging at me for a while!

  2. Thank you! Sometimes I feel like I'm constantly being told to, "shut my mouth and say thank you" if you know what I mean.

  3. Good read sonja, tired of the blinded tfc fans who can't see this. Angers me. Hopp

  4. Nice blog. Your stuff reminds me a bit of (I think she's on a bit of a hiatus, but her stuff is excellent). - AG

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