Monday, July 2, 2012

Losing Faith

This has been a long weekend (I suppose both literally and figuratively). Sunday afternoon didn’t go according to plan; I can chalk Italy’s loss up to one thing: a bad decision (the Thiago Motta sub) that single handedly lost them the game. Oh, and their defense also sucked, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, all the hope that I had invested in—what was arguably the best I’ve ever seen—this Italian team was killed by a relatively boring Spanish one. Say what you want, but in my opinion, they do nothing to turn me on.

However, I’m not going to waste my love on a nation, because there’s nothing more I can do. Just like Udinese, I can only care so much. And, with Udinese, especially when the owner doesn’t); Isla and Asamoah are with Juventus and Floro Flores and Torje are now on loan to Granada. Plus, our striker money went to buying Elton John’s ex-English team. So, sorry rest of Italy: we have officially fucked up any chances of getting back a Champions League spot. But, hey, blame Juventus, there was no reason for them to buy Isla and Asamoah.

Of course, my other team isn’t doing much better. Toronto FC, I mean. Between the lack of confirmation with Plata (and, instead of giving a secure, leadership driven, statement about it, we were given a snarky, sarcastic answer from our new coach; thanks for the vote of confidence) and the lack of anything about Nesta (other than “one of our targets,” fuck, even Montreal has made more effort for their fans in regards to Nesta), I no longer know what to think. I love the team, however, everything else is uninspiring. 

Between Italy, Pozzo, and TFC, I am losing faith in a lot of things. Oh, and is Young Boys in the Super League? Did that ever get sorted?

I guess you could say, I’m just deflated. I need something to inspire. I need something to make me fall back in love with the game. I need help; I need to find the passion again. 


Post script: Also, today we put had to put Wieners down. Do me a favour, go hug your pet.

Post post script: Thank you to everyone for your kind words about Wieners. It means a lot. 

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  1. the emotion and pain and loss from the weekend with Italy, general turmoil with teams like TFC, and no clear out in sight due to lull in football/July, is one thing, but the kicker here was the last bit about Weiners. Sorry about that news. Stay Strong.