Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Modest Proposition

***Update, again!: Check out a very neat idea at:*** 

***UPDATE: Also, leaving the stickers that you want, need, and from what book, in the comments section may help even more. Leave your Twitter handle (if you have one) so people can get in touch. We can start a Social Media Sticker Community! SMSC for short.***

You know what the best thing about the Euro is? Panini sticker albums. When Nik and I were in Switzerland for Euro 08, we spent the entire time hunting stickers. Seriously, by Day 3, we had enough packages, and doubles, to wallpaper a room.

It was awesome.

Anyway, I tried the “virtual Panini album” during the last World Cup, and let me tell you, what a huge disappointment. So imagine how happy I was when the lovely and wonderful Rachel presented me with this at the last World Cup Qualifier:

You can imagine my screaming. Which wasn’t nearly as loud as the screaming for this:

So anyway, I’ve been thinking, if no one has established one already, would you guys be interested in a doubles-swap-trade? I know there are a few people on Twitter that have shown an interest. So, maybe we can start some sort of Twitter trade with a Panini hashtag? (Full disclaimer: a little boy already has first dibs on all of my doubles that he wants). So I’m thinking #PaniniTradsies or something like that? Let me know, on Twitter (@sonjamissio), what you think!

Also, why my niece is better than yours. And you:



  1. I love the Panini albums except for one thing, which I'll mention in a bit. I have finished albums from 1998, 2002, 2008 and 2010.
    I have something like 298 doubles and I need 117, I think, to finish.

    The only thing I hate is that you usually need more than 2 boxes to finish an album, but hopefully I won't need to this time to trade.


  2. Good idea,my son is collecting so I am all for #PaniniTradsies And yeah someone mentioned world cup 2010,also not finished and million doubles so if you wanna trade let me know!

  3. I finished my 2010 book by filling out the form that comes with the stickerbook. It felt like cheating but at least the book got completed :)

    Count me in on this too.


  4. That is good idea Adria!
    How know is it too late for me now?~


  5. Hey Sonja.

    I ordered mine in late April/Early May and there was no hassle. Use this link:

    I paid with a VISA but there's a trick to it. They told me to pay via PayPal and sign in as a guest or something to that effect. Then I could enter my CC info and the order was completed. There's a 10% discount for ordering them online and they shipped to me in like 10 or so days.

    If I knew where all of my 2010 doubles ended up I'd just send 'em to ya. Maybe I'll scour the house one last time :)


  6. Only 14 to go. My swaps & needs are here.