Thursday, January 26, 2012

So you want to be a Little Zebra!

So you want to be a Little Zebra? Well, good for you! Acknowledging this desire is the first step! I don’t blame you; we’re the lovable, scrappy underdog. And we have all the tropes for the perfect zeros-to-heroes-feel-good-movie:

  • The older, wiser, everyone-thinks-he’s-getting-past-his-prime-but-he’s-still-in-it-for-one-last-big-win hero (DiNatale)
  • The too-cool-for-school rebel who drags his team down, until the moment where he can prove himself (Floro Flores)
  • The out-of-this-world-spectacular player, who isn’t quite sure how the hell he ended up with this group of oddballs (Samir)
  • The young buck, who knows he’s good, but needs to prove he’s good (Torje)
  • The wacky, uncoordinated jokester who injures people in practice by running into them (Ekstrand)
  • The coach who believed in them all along (Guidolin)

What’s not to like? If you didn’t want to be a Little Zebra before, I now surely have you convinced! On Saturday, this endearing group of misfits will be matched up against the richest, spoiled-est, self entitled-est, band of bullies who believe that everyone should bow down to them, referees included. Of course, I am talking about those no-good-nicks: Juventus. 

It will be a extravagant clash of West versus East! Rich versus Poor! Black and White versus White and Black! Which last time ended in a 0 – 0 draw and me nearly being rushed to the ER at work (it’s cool though, I work at a hospital).

Being a Little Zebra won't be easy, but all you need to do is have heart. And denial. And a good stiff drink. And faith that things always work out like it did in Little Giants. And that it can therefore be applied to soccer.

Still want to be a Little Zebra? Support us on Saturday. #AlèUdin


Post script: I’ve asked a lot of Juve fans why they like Juventus, and not once, NOT ONCE, has anyone replied “I’m/my family is from Turin.”

Post Post Script: Do you have a bit of extra change hanging around? Why not donate it to 90 Minutes of Fundraising, in support of Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Foundation? Be part of a movement that helps kids play organized sports, by financially assisting them. Check out: we’re less than $200 away from our goal!  

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