Tuesday, January 17, 2012


In case you haven't hear, Chicago Fire unveiled their new kit today. Their new kit with THE QUAKER OATS GUY'S FACE ON THEM:

Now, no one seems to find this as SUPREMELY AWESOME as I do, nevertheless, it got me thinking that TFC needs a sponsorship makeover of its own.

Well, lucky for you guys I have no life, so I took the liberty of making my own artist renditions of how a new logo would really spruce up the kit.

A new logo of things that I like. 

WWF: Let's start with a charity. I like charities. And they're totally in vogue for soccer shirts right now. And who doesn't like WWF?

Jurassic Park: Because WFF was too late for the dinosaurs. 

Kagi-fret: The best of the cheapest Swiss chocolate. Well, at least I know at least one TFC player who'd appreciate it.

Nespresso: What else? (Um, that makes more sense if you watch this: 

 Ferragamo: Because I already have a couple of purses that will match. 

 My Little Pony: I really don't think this needs an explanation. 

TFC, you're welcome to use any of my concepts. I'll even explain to BMO on your behalf the change. I mean, they still get to have their name on the stadium, they'll understand.

Also, dear reader, if while waiting on the production of the new kit, you want to make a donation to the  Jumpstart Foundation, I got you covered:


Post script: one day I might invest in Photoshop.