Sunday, August 7, 2011


I get yelled at about a lot about things that I tweet; by now, I’m pretty used to it. In fact, I anticipate that I will be yelled at even more in the upcoming month with Champions League starting up soon and with Udinese playing Juve opening game for Serie A. In fact, being yelled at over my writing had gotten me, lure in into, and able to meet, some swell people; so I’m cool with it, yell away. 

However, one tweet today caused a reaction that I honestly never expected. And (while we’re being honest), I’m a bit shocked at how many people jumped on it. Ahem:


I mean, it was over 2 hours ago (according to Twitter) and I am still getting tweets about it! So here’s my question: why wouldn’t I find him dreamy?

He’s a superb player, he’s terrifically fun to watch, his goals are always highlight-reel-phenomenal, he played in the Swiss league for awhile (that alone makes him dreamy), and his name (more-or-less) means “Little Rabbit.”

I ask again, why wouldn’t I find him dreamy? Anyway, any player who plays like Hassli is alright by me.

Also, I should point out, I don’t think I quite understand what “dreamy” means.


Post script: I tweeted my 10,000 tweet tonight! It was not about Vancouver. 

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