Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to BMO

I am blogging as I watch the Copa Final. And I can’t imagine this will turn out well (especially because I originally wrote, “I am blogging as I type”).

Anyway, after a short break (two weeks?) TFC returned to BMO, which meant my return as well:

 (222, new view!)

Once again, I went with a TFC-newbie, and she seemed to enjoy the game! And said she’d go back! So I’m pleased with that. But what I am more pleased with? This man, right here:


I know I always write this, but I am excited for TFC’s future. And not just for their new signings (though now Frei has someone to bitch to auf Deutsch). I mean they help, but there’s more to it than just them. Stability has never been something TFC have had; even I can’t try to convince you otherwise. Between the constant trades and management changes, I don’t think I could name even half the squad if you were to give me a random date. So, by that theory, these new players should be a bad thing.

Nuh huh.

It’s just a learning process. Five years. Five years is not enough time to have a fantastic, clock-work-running club. We’re still in the trial and error phase, and while you may argue there’s more error than trial (although, there is a lot of trial), I’d argue back: who cares? In the end, when victory comes (and it will come), won’t those errors be worth it?

Alright, they don’t always win, but at one point, you just have to accept it. Do not get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting them to do better and wanting them to do well, but if you can’t see there is at least a little good in a 4 – 2 loss (they did score 2 goals on the road AND it was Koevermans first goal!), then I will never be able to convince you otherwise.

You will just never understand.

I know I’m not a “professional sports writer,” I’m just a girl with a silly little blog (and mad MS Paint skills), so my word isn’t as important as those with regular columns (and I don’t have anything against sports journos, I mean, hey, I’m currently dating one). However, I am sick and tired of all the negativity written surrounding Toronto FC. So this is me doing whatever I can to do to write some good and battle the negativity. Don’t worry boys, you’re doing fine. Don’t lose heart.

Let’s leave KC for now and move on to CL on Wednesday:

Come on, come on, come on, get through it.


ps. Other great things about TFC?

You look beautiful, boys (and girls).


TFC has got me slowly starting to. 

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