Monday, May 9, 2011

Smelks + TFC = BFFs cont.

So let’s have an update on how Smelks experienced her first game: she loved it! Well. She didn’t hate it.

No, she loved it. I’m going to stick to that.

The journey got off to a bit of a rocky start when the GO was late and the arrival at Exhibition was met with a “so, where’s the stadium?” 


But after that, it was all good.

Even despite being lead into a dark abandoned warehouse (you should have never given me that detail) and threatened and attacked with red beach balls (I’m not very good at remember details, or specifics, or actual conversations). Anyway, eventually we got to the game.

The first half was a bit slow, but we had pulled pork and beer to keep us entertained. And bouncing. Boy, did we bounce! She was a bit worried that she wouldn’t know what to do, or what to say, but believe me, she picked it up quick.

The second half was excellent and she got to see two great goals (well, okay, she may have missed the first because I was buying a great jacket…). AND we both got to Gahan’ed it up (one person will immediately understand that and I don’t think he reads my blog). AND the GO was late again so we actually made it to our after party on time.

All in all, an excellent night. Note the coat.

There is one more thing I would like to add though. I have talked about the team, the players, the fans, the stadium, but I have never really talked about the staff. I just want to say, I love BMO staff; I have never once spoken to someone who doesn’t leave me smiling (I realize that that isn’t exactly a hard feat). But seriously, from the guy who pats me down/checks my purse at the front and the ticket scanner who always wishes me a good game (and who I always reply, “you too!” ugh) to the bbq/beer and the merch booth people, they’re always awesome. They are friendly, funny, and don’t hate me every time (EVERY GOD DAMN TIME)  it takes me 30 minutes to find my id because I take it out of its usual spot to make it easier to find but I never do find it easier because I am an idiot.

Anyway, BMO staff, you’re alright by me.

This isn’t so much of a blog anymore as it is stuff that I think up on the subway.


Post Script: I was going to write a bunch of Smelks quotes during the whole experience, but my mum came up with the best one when I got home: "You're in a TFC jacket. You deserve to be dissed." 

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