Saturday, May 7, 2011

Smelks vs. TFC

As far as I know, Smelks has never seen a soccer game. I mean, she has  seen me rolling around on the floor at the Grad Club (uwo) in tears during Switzerland's obliteration of Spain, but I am not sure if she has ever actually watched a full 90 minutes.

This is about to change. Today.

(Before: me and Smelks, pre her becoming a fan. Note how, ahem, “medium-core-ish” we are surrounded by birds).

You see, I am taking Smelks to today’s TFC – Huston game. I am not 100% sure if she knows what she’s in for, but I am lending her a scarf, maybe a jersey (she’ll put up a fight), buying her a Smirnoff Ice (her drink of choice…) and she’ll be a trooper!

I am trying to recruit new TFC fans so I have someone to go with for games. Trust me, I have tried a lot of people, and apparently, I can’t even bribe friends to come with me to BMO. I even had to bribe my dad to come with me on Wednesday!

 (not quite the most flattering angle...) 

But, as you can see, he loved it (that's, totally, a smile). I think I may have made a TFC fan out of him. Well, he’s slowly coming along. Maybe. I mean, after five years, he’s not fighting it [as much]. (Fun Fact: he goes to one or two games per season, but he has never actually seen an MLS game).

I am really hoping Smelks enjoys tonight. I mean, I am well aware she’s decent enough to humour me by going tonight, but she is also a fellow Northern Italian, so I may make her into a hooligan yet.

See you guys tonight. And this post is to be continued...




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