Sunday, January 23, 2011

3 - 1

This morning I woke up to my father’s screams. But, in this household, waking up to silence would be more troubling. Seriously, on weekends I don’t even bother to set an alarm because I know that, eventually, I will be woken up by whistles or expletives. Today was no different; I woke up 2 seconds after Stankovic’s goal (I should point out, that my dad pvr’ed the game, so this wasn’t at, like, 6am). However, after last week’s Milan disaster, I was a little scared to go downstairs and join him for the remainder of the game. But then, the screams of joy happened, and I was summoned to watch with him. So slowly, and cautiously, because the same thing happened last weekend, I made my way downstairs, with the cat trailing behind me (note: the insert is from a different game).

What a team! Don’t get me wrong, until the final whistle, I really thought they were going to fuck it up again (see: their last Serie A game and their last Coppa game), but they were on fire! I use to think that Quags was the baby Di Natale, but Sanchez has clearly taken over that role (which means that he will also be gone soon). They never stopped attacking, Di Natale never stopped running, and they never (really) let their guard down once. Don’t get me wrong, I mean, if Stankovic has scored after their first goal, I think the outcome may have been different, but whatever; since the beginning of the new year, Udinese has become the best team in Serie A (too bad we had the shite beginning of the season, where, you know, we had 0 points the first five games).

Today was a Champions League level of play. If they continue playing like this the rest of the season, they could easily win the title.

Man, I like blog writing. I am going to get back into this. It’s a not-crazy-way to, essentially, talk to myself.  Plus, for some reason, I can cause strangers frustration and anger. And that’s always fun!

So, until next time (which will be real soon, I promise!)


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