Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Group C

My Comprehensive Style Guide to the 2010 World Cup Uniforms (cont.)

Okay, we're getting better here, hopefully this keeps up. Oh Christ, never mind, the States is in this group.


You know what? I like 'em. I like the retro feel, I like the simple, yet decent collars, and I even like the fact the away shirt looks like it's made for women. I know the English want a repeat of '66, so I guess recreating their shirts for that decade is a good place to start.


Miss Teen USA called, she wants her sash back.


Seriously friends, I am not getting tired of the Puma style. I really wish the Swiss went with the Puma-Africa style. I may design one myself. That'all show 'em.


Charlie Brown called, he wants his shirt back. (Nike should really hire me as a consultant).

Overall, getting better. At least Nike tried some new designs. We're taking babysteps here.


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