Saturday, May 22, 2010

Post CL

I could talk about the (boooooooooooooring) CL final, ooooooooor I could do another...

Totally Looks Like (a Ripoff)

Cristian Chivu v Will Forte

Miroslav Klose v Frank Lampard

 Gökhan Inler v Dank Jones

 Cesc Fàbregas v Zachary Quinto (Jason wouldn't let me include him here).

Fabien Barthez v Sir Ben Kingsley

Luiz Felipe Scolari v Gene Hackman

 Diego Milito v Adrian Brody + Sylvester Stallone

 Lukas Podolski v This (really happy) Golden Retriever Puppy

José Mourinho v Niccolò Machiavelli

Inter's 2010 Champions League win v Italy's 2006 World Cup Win



  1. We've long agreed on the Inler/Mango Kid thing, but the Chivu/Forte is bang-on. Mostly.

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