Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Future of Canadian Soccer

On April 27 2018, the future of soccer in Canada was unveiled. The event, long awaited
by all those involved, set in motion a new era for the sport in this country.

The day’s announcement promised a much needed revitalization to the
entrenched--yet too often ignored--Canadian soccer landscape. It also told of an
encouraging new generation; eager believers in the Beautiful Game who knew
they could impact the country for good.

A new wave has come and it’s here to stay.

And this wave just so happened to crash upon our shores on the same day that the
Canadian Premier League was officially launched. A charming coincidence to usher
in not just the next generation of Canadian soccer players, but the next generation of
soccer journalists.

You see, on April 27 2018, while the CPL was being announced, it was also announced
that Canada was training its next generation of soccer journalist: through the Nutmeg
Soccer Program in downtown Toronto.

Paul Beirne, CPL President, was happy to share the limelight with Nutmeg and did not
hesitate to speak out on its importance.

"I'm so proud for the enthusiasm of soccer in this country,” Beirne stated. “The passion
and insight from these Nutmeggers makes me excited about the future of the CPL. These
are the fans, players, and journalist that will soon come to represent the country.”

Passion and insight is right; though the kids of Nutmeg soccer range from the tender ages
of 6 to 12 years old, their love and smarts for the game is clear.

But let’s let their words (and pictures!) speak for themselves. As I present to you the
published works of Nutmeg Soccer.

Nutmeg Soccer:
Canada's Future Journalists

The Impact of Mo Salah Parts One and Two by Abdullah

The Fun and Importance of the Mexican National Team by Carlos

An Analysis of a Skipper by Denton

The Fundamentals of Dribbling by Devin

The Impact of Women in Soccer by Iris

Bradley: A Toronto FC Icon by Jamal

The Importance of Sports by Jessyka

The Impact of the No. 10 by Mauro

Messi's Barcelona by Michael

The Greatness of Grassroots Soccer by Nicholas

Rebuttal: The Coolness of Grassroots Soccer by Raymond

A Portrait of Pogba by Stuart

Paris Saint-Germain: the World's Team by Tyler

The Ballad of Gallos Blancos by Victoria

Football Poetry by Wei Jie

The Anatomy of a Footballer Parts One and Two by Wei Jun

Thank you Nutmeg Soccer for being our future. It looks bright ahead.

April 27, 2018

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