Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Full 15

Podcast update: it's a go.

I have been scrambling all weekend to figure out the ins-and-outs of making a podcast (research was intensively short), looking through open source recording programs, recruiting (/informing that he will be) a producer, talking to prospective guests, making a strategic plan, and coming up with a theme song.

I am still working on that last one.

Anyway, after much effort, little sleep, and tons of questions (including: would this be worth to Kickstart?*) we are ready to get started.

With that, I am pleased to introduce to you:

The Full 15

Named by the dashing Jeremy St. Louis from beIN Sports, the pod will be 15 minute chats with people in the industry telling stories that they would not normally get to.

Whether it be tales from the trenches, upcoming or side projects, personal (and probably unpopular) views, or a soliloquy about an unheard of, third division club in a low-FIFA ranking country, guests will get a chance to talk about what they want to, and not just the word-capped topic usually assigned.

Guests will included journalists, players, coaches, and those on the business side of things. Anyone I can wrangle (/trick) into coming on.

Which leads me to announce the first guest of the show: the Mussi Volanti Opinionista himself, Dov Schiavone.

Without giving too much away before the podcast, let me give you a quick introduction to Guest #1.

Dov is the Editor of Forza Italian Football and has/is contributed/ing to STV Sport, Goal, Metro UK, BBC Radio 5, AFP, and BT Sport among others (he's not answering any of my messages, so I just used his Twitter bio).

Dov and I have been all over Italy (nothing south of Napoli) to watch matches—including the likes of Udinese, Milan, Rome, Lazio, Napoli, Inter, Torino, Atalanta, we recently became certified Guinness pourers in Dublin, and one weekend, we walked from Italy to Slovenia because we legitimately had nothing better to do.

He also once seriously injured me during a Take That dance party.

Dublin in December, the man loves selfies

You can look forward to the pod being posted closer to the end of the month and then weekly; I am still sorting out the technical aspects of things and waiting on my producer before I can officially air episode one (that, and we haven’t recorded it yet).

I am grateful for everyone who expressed interest and for those who are willing to give me 15 minutes of their time, stories, and thoughts.

If you want to get in touch with the podcast or want to be a guest on a future show, please don’t hesitate to email us at:

Thanks guys, happy 2015!



  1. Sounds like a great concept. Looking forward to the first pod. Also to someone slipping up and letting something out that they shouldn't!

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