Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sonja Not Sepp

Well, it’s finally happened: I have booked my ticket to go to Zurich.

I am going for a few reasons: to see Young Boys play Udinese in Europa, as a break from the disastrous “Summer of Sonja,” to see family, to have my ID accepted when buying alcohol *coughBMOcough,* and to visit FIFA, where I will spread my message: Sonja, Not Sepp.

That’s right, Missio for FIFA is back on, but this time with a new hashtag. #SonjaNotSepp is the message I will be bringing with me to Zurich, but I need your help. While I am going to do what I can, for example, walking around the building wearing this:

 (2015 is the year Sepp is set to retire)

I need some back up. This is where you come in. When you think of my blog, what do you think of? What is the one distinguishing feature that pops into your mind? What makes you know it’s “A Sonja?” Well, I went to the street (bbm) and asked. The answer(s):

“Spectacular Photoshop work.” – Duane Rollins, managing editor of Canadian Soccer News and patron saint of soccer.
“Your bad Paint creations.” – Jerrad Peters, author of We Call It Soccer and local jerk.

So this got me thinking (editor’s note: that’s a lie, I had this idea well before, but this way, it makes for a better story), if I have so much fun with my Photoshop (Paint) jobs, why wouldn’t you? Yes, you! You, wearing that great shirt that makes you look totally fit. So, here’s my proposition:

If you support me in my bid for FIFA, make your own Photoshop/Paint creation(s) (nothing vulgar, racist, homophobic, or sexist please) and somehow incorporate the hashtag “#SonjaNotSepp” into it. I will post them on 90MofH and the one that makes me laugh the most will win a special prize (to be determined). And, yes, I will allow Juve pictures.

For example:

(You don’t have to include a photo of yourself, they’re just better if you do. Puns get bonus points)

Okay, so, why would you do this? First of all, it’s fun. Second of all, for all you other writers out there, don’t you want to take a break from the everyday and make something goofy? Third of all, I will gladly promote your blog/site/writing/etc (within reason, remember, I don’t do racist/homophobic/sexism/poorspellingthatisnotmyown). Fourth of all, even if you’re not a writer, have some fun, I want to see your creativity! Fifth of all, you’ll have my undying love and thanks. And, fifth of all, you can be a part of a revolution that says: “look, we’re sick of putting up with FIFA’s crap.”

Because, really, that’s all I am trying to say.

So, send your pictures and ‘shop jobs to my email: (put the subject like in as something like “Here’s My Picture!” so it doesn’t go to my junkmail)

And, thank you.


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