Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two Things To Be Proud Of

A quick follow up post on two really important events; I didn’t want to mix my musings with things I actually find important (though, I find everything I write important).

The first is a HUGE congratulations to FC London! For those of you that don’t know, I did a Masters at Western and fell in love with the city of London, however, it wasn’t until a couple of years later that I was introduced to FC London (thanks Joe). Well, on Saturday the team is playing Sounders FC U23 (at German Club in London) for the PDL semi finals (for a much better article, see: and I want to wish the boys all the best of luck. I wish I could be in London for the game, however, I will be following at home (game is at 19h30, after TFC) cheering on them on. You should too.

For more information, check them out online: and be sure to follow them on Twitter: @FClondon

Hopp, hopp London!

The second event I wanted to mention is The Festival of Football.

Summary: “This summer, Canada's first, adult-oriented, mass-participation, grassroots soccer fundraising event comes to Toronto and promises to leave a lasting legacy for our community. Festival of Football is the first event of its kind that will finally give soccer the chance to go to the “top of the table” in improving the quality of life in our Community. Festival of Football will be an epic all-day event celebrating “The Beautiful Game” and everything that surrounds it – passion, culture, and community  – all while raising over half a million dollars for West Park Healthcare Centre.  The Festival will feature loads of soccer action, with all teams playing in a 6-on-6 format, as well as entertainment, action zones, food and beverage, giveaways and appearances by soccer celebrities.”

Now, as you know, I don’t play, however, I do like supporting good causes. I urge you to look into the event, sign up, fundraise, play, and have an amazing time! And, let me know if you’ve already registered, I’d like to support what I can.

For more information, please visit: or follow them on Twitter: @FestofFootball

These are two great upcoming events that everyone involved with should be very proud of. Do yourself a favour and check them out!


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