Saturday, February 11, 2012

90 Minutes of Thank You

The thermometer today is a beautiful sight to see:

That’s right, 90 Minutes of Hopp was a huge success! Twice! You guys not only beat the original goal of $100, but you then decided to take it a step further and make it 5X more successful.

You're beautiful.

Thank you to everyone who donated, I would mention everyone by name, but some people requested to remain anonymous and I would like to respect that. You’re all amazing and I am so grateful for your awesomeness. Thank you to everyone who RT, shared, and read the message, I am still overwhelmed with your support and well wishes.

I want to come back to the original reason why I did this (and not just to help kids play sport, though you all made that happen!):

The social media experiment worked. It was RT’ed and re-posted on Twitter and Facebook more times than I can count. People across Canada, the United States, Scotland (just to name a few) came together and gave. People across the world came together to spread the message. People who I don’t personally know, and who don’t personally know each other, were connected through one cause: helping kids play sports.

Does no one else find this totally, and completely, mind blowing?!

And, of course, heartwarming.

Thank you guys, you make me smile.


Post script: If you still want to donate, you still can! There’s no “expiration time” on 90 Minutes of Fundraising:

Post post script: If you’d like to follow Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Foundation on Twitter: @ctjumpstart 

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