Monday, October 10, 2011


I am sitting here writing this on Thanksgiving Day night (aka the dying hours of my long weekend) because I wanted to go over some things I am thankful for.

First and foremost, I am thankful for my family and friends, all who humour me and my writing. For their unconditional support and love (okay, sometimes conditional), for actually taking the time to read me, and for giving me an outlet for silly thoughts, poems, and pictures.

I am thankful for the people I’ve met while writing. For being lead to basement bars by just-out-of-jail hooligans. For having drinks or dinner or DMs with people I have always looked up to and who have been nothing but encouraging. For people who have been kind enough to tell me that they enjoyed, or related to, a post.  And for my patient and kind thesis supervisor (I swear, I’m always working!)

I am thankful for the decent and likable (and wonderful) Jerrad Peters. Who is more decent and likable (and wonderful) than I could ever put into words. So I’ll put it into a picture:

Anyway, how (or why) he puts up with me—see above—is amazing.

I am thankful for the win that the Canadian Men’s National Team will get tomorrow, and, as always, the wins that TFC will get as they finish their season. Including CCL.

I am thankful I found that TFC shirt that looks nothing like what I drew and for Simon Kuper’s Football Against the Enemy being an .epub file so I can take my original source of inspiration with me where ever I go.

Finally, I am thankful for the future, because, as predicted in this picture from the last CMNT game I will become FIFA President (Missio2014!):

Thank you.


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