Monday, October 17, 2011


I’m sitting here in Winnipeg, listening to the tapping of the decent and likable Jerrad Peters as he types out an article (fun fact!: he uses a typewriter!). Because I was told to, “be quiet and then make me lunch” I have decided to blog.

Mainly because it’s too early for lunch.

Anyway, I feel I should also probably mention the upcoming game tomorrow. I hear it’s pretty important. And that we need to win. And that our whole season has pretty much boiled down to this game. And that my whole happiness is riding on it. And that Udinese has let me down, and Young Boys have let me down, so TFC, I can’t take more heartbreak. And that this time tomorrow I will but a complete wreck. And that this time tomorrow, plus a few hours, I may be dancing around the room or crying into a pint of vodka. And that I had to go out and buy Peters a TFC shirt just for extra good luck. And that Champions League (you know, real Champions League) doesn’t even phase me right now. And that YOU BOYS BETTER WIN TOMORROW.

But, you know, no pressure.

Their last MLS game wasn’t great (despite the away draw), so I am hoping that they are saving all their pizzazz, and goals, and Danny K, for tomorrow. I find it weird that I will be watching the game from a hotel bar (editor’s note: Peters, we will be watching the game from a hotel bar) in non-Toronto, but I am sure Winnipeg will get use to the screaming, crying, profanity, and general noises that will erupt from me pretty quickly.

God, I hate this sport. 

Anyway, until then, I’ll be a little ball of nerves.


Post script: Hey remember that shitty CMNT game? Jesus Christ was it terrible!

Post post script: IhateWinnipegit’ssocoldandtotallyawasteofaperfectfallwardrobeIcan’tbelieveIamregrettingnotbringingmyparkawhatkindoffuckeryisthisshit?!

Post post post script: This was just my "busywork" post. Wait until tomorrow until a real* one.

*as real as I normally post. Which is on the same level as "unicorn."

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