Saturday, September 17, 2011

Annnd... we're back!


So I've had a crazy busy last few weeks. Actually, things really started to pick up once I established the fancy (and all new!) domain (it's, like, a real website now!) and I haven’t had time to write since. So, basically, I decided to pay to have this website exist, and then I decided that I felt like I didn't need to bother to post anymore.

Not true, I have just been very busy.

But, because Udinese are playing tomorrow at 09h00, I decided to take tonight easy and stay home and blog. So, now I am curled up in bed, blaring bad pop music, and writing down my oh –so-important thoughts. Aren’t you glad I’m back?

Anyway, quite a few things have happened since my last post—way back on September 6th—but my memory has gotten pretty shakey over the years and I don’t remember what exactly happened. So here’s a quick photo recap of my last few weeks:

(Hanging out with Villa-Boas and The Special One)

(Chilling with Udinese)

(Drink with Chelsea at a wild house party JT threw)

(Going out for Mexican with the Italian National Team)

(Going out for teppanyaki with Plata and Frei)

(Going out for breakfast with Barnetta and MY Frei)

(Me and Inzaghi sharing a private moment)

Now, let’s jump ahead to today. Toronto played Rapids, and, we won! And it was hot. Er, the weather, not the win (though the win was decent, and Eckersley had that epic save in the end). Anyway, the weather annoyed me because, I finally manage to find my perfect TFC dress, and everyone tells me not to wear it because I would be too cold. So instead I work all black. And leather knee-high boots. And a leather jacket. And two scarves. And a beret. And mittens.

I have never stripped so fast in my life.

On the plus side, I did manage to buy this:

(Wow, that mirror is dirty)

(One more time, with less reflection)

My closet is seriously 70% work dresses 30% jerseys. It’s like my closet has some sort of weird identity crisis. But whatevs, I can always use more “Girls’” shirts. Anyway, this blog post was just to say I am back and I am taking my role as a “blogger” more seriously again. Can you not tell by the quality of this post?

So, welcome back me!


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