Monday, August 15, 2011

Zebras Outrun Guns

Zebras outrun guns
Erik’s a better poet
Meh, not hard to do.

“Zebras outrun guns” is a topic I want to see trending tomorrow. Spoken (tweeted) by my brother (@erikmissio), it’s our last battle call. I mean, there’s not much else we can do now.

But wait.

And hope.

And pray.

And wear only white and black to work tomorrow.

That’s right, work. I am working tomorrow and not watching the game. Not streaming it. Not SoccerNet’ing it, not LiveScore’ing it. Hell, I’m not even PVR’ing it. I don’t want to know.

Which is exactly what I said last year, at the end of Serie A, while they were qualifying to qualify. In fact, if you remember (which I am sure you all do), I didn’t watch the game at all, I went to the opera instead. Of course, that didn’t last long; I caved during the intermission and still curse the Unlikable and Jerkish Jerrad Peters (he deserves those titles right now, go ask him what he did) for telling me the HALFTIME score, but the point is, me attempting to ignore the game was healthier for everyone involved.

And all of Union got to see my timestep around once I did find out the news.

(The smiles will last)

Anyway, the plan for tomorrow is see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  So no checking scores, or twitter, or bbm, or sms (God, I’m far too connected). It also means not calling home (as if my dad would answer anyway) or anyone else with access to a telvision. And finally, it means no talking about it either; once again, I’ll go dark.

Realistically I expect this to last maybe 15 minutes before I crack. Plus, I totally plan to rub in our 0 – 3 away win to every Arsenal fan I know (fun fact: it will be the same score—er, for us—when we play Juve at home in two Sundays).

Anyway, the point I am trying to get at is that I apologize in advance for my behaviour. The tears, the screams, the manic laughter, the tantrums, the wide eye stares, and the multiple times I plan to break up with Peters.

God, it’s a beautiful game.

Let’s go Zebrette, hopp hopp (I can still say that by the way, we now have a Swiss National and former Young Boys player!)

(Even Paul predicts the win!)


Post Script: Totally off topic, but since this now doubles as a fashion blog, as per an earlier conversation today:

(Hot pink top, bright orange skirt.)

Post Post Script: You are correct: I do have nothing better to do than to take photos of myself in various jerseys! I mean, how do YOU blog?! 


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