Saturday, March 19, 2011

So, back to the Canadians in MLS.

  (note: this is from a Nurilite game a couple of years ago).

I have been looking forward to this game for quite a while. The start of season V and the start of Canadian competition. I remember the inaugural game at TFC, sitting high in the bleachers on the East Side, wearing the toque that game with my (single game) ticket:

(this toque!)

I sat at BMO as high up as my expectations.

 (note: if this wasn’t from the first game, it was at least from the first season. Apparently I don’t label my pictures well).
(Edit: Mr. Beirne seems to think it is. Good enough for me!)

And, even though those first four years were rocky, I stuck through it.

(Second Season).

(Third Season).

(Fourth Season).

I love TFC and I love the atmosphere at the games. I love the 24th minute of each game.  I love the GO tunnel after. I love the chip butties and the curry fries, the overpriced beer (not really) and being let in first because I have a BMO Mastercard. I love the thrill I get when I find single tickets online, and the bigger thrill I get when I get someone to come with me (usually with bribery or tears). I love the TFC community, the TFC fans, the TFC writers and the TFC staff.

I don’t however, love the TFC defense.

Despite that, here’s to another season; maybe (and hopefully) the best one yet! Now that I am not away at school, I hope to go to more games, buy more $12 beer, and see more of Canadian soccer community out there. Come by and say hi. I’m the one with the Swiss flag, yelling HOPP.

All for one,

post script: yes, that is the original, non-BMO, ironed on patches, away jersey. Bought at BMO at my second game. Still worn with pride!

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