Sunday, March 20, 2011

BMO and Me

In honour of the start of season V, here's BMO throughout the last half decade. I know ever keeps talking about  the players, the staff, the fans, etc. but let's take a minute on the stadium.

Buying only single tickets let's you see all angles of the stadium. Here's how I've seen everything go down:


The beautiful view. 
The beautiful game. 
A little calmer. 

Waving flag. 

Lights on. 
Maybe the wrong jersey...
...But still a Frei! (ps. I traveled, like, 5 hours for this game, I look a bit of a mess).
Pickup in the Parkinglot. 
Tunnel home.

Even though I am missing the home opener for my niece's first birthday, I'm looking forward to another season!


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