Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DeRo--Another Side of the Story/I'm a Bad Person

Right. I know. I am a bad person. Well, more so, a bad blogger. The thing is, I have all these great ideas. Brilliant ideas! All composed while I am taking a shower. And when I get out, I can’t be bothered to write (or type) them out. It’s not just me. There’s this part in Joe Gould’s Secret (Joseph Mitchell) which described it perfectly, go look it up.  

So anyway, I’m a bad blogger. Get over it.

Speaking of which, would you read the second blog I am thinking of creating: Confessions of an Unemployed Librarian? There will be a twist at the end! (Spoiler: it’s that I still don’t get a job).

But first, back to this blog. Which was actually composed while I was running and had the channel stuck on MuchMore(Music?) for their countdown. So, before we get into soccer, can we have a brief discussion about music (where my academia originally was)? Enrique Iglesias comes on MM(M?) and I’m all like, “okay, I can run to this, some Latin beats—cool!” but then the autotune kicked in. Enrique, darling, you’re father is Julio, you don’t need to stoop that low. So I stopped paying attention and started making face in the mirrored glass thing in front of me. After a good 3 minutes of that, I looked back at the TV and thought, “nice! She & Him is?/are? on! Wait… why do they sound like that?” Conclusion: Holy fuck does Katy Perry look like Zooey Deschanel.

Okay, back to soccer. Promise. I think a bunch of little posts are better than one huge one, so let’s do this bit by bit. Then it also looks like I did more work. Let’s start.

Oh DeRo! You silly, silly man. Toronto FC is a bit of a mess right now, maybe, with all the problems surrounding the club, you shouldn’t draw attention to yourself as well. Captains, after all, do go down with their ships. I don’t want to argue about DeRo specifically, as my brother tweeted: 

@erikmissio People who think soccer players should place higher value on the glory of team, country, or sport over earning cash money = idiots. about 9 hours ago via tGadget.

I agree. “How dare he not be pleased as punch to do pretty much everything for the team while getting paid 3rd spot. Why would he want to go somewhere else to get paid more? His fans love him! Isn’t that enough? Except for right now, right now we’re going to crucify him.” Or something, I don’t know, I don’t personally talk to many TFC fans. (Fun Fact!: TFC Fans are only those who go to watch the games live!)

Here’s the deal people: he’s doing his job. Yes, being a profession soccer play is a dream job for most, but it’s still his job, his career, his slightly off 9 to 5. If you were working your asses off at you job, and two other guys who aren’t doing what they’re paid (ridiculously for) to do, wouldn’t you be pissed? Yes, $400,000 is a lot and yes, TFC aren’t exactly I Nerazzurri, but I can understand DeRo’s frustrations. Maybe he hasn’t been communication them the best way, but they are legit.  

The guy’s done a lot; he prides himself on the pitch and off and works his ass off to promote Canadian soccer. He left Huston to play in Toronto (sorta, I guess), his hometown because he loves it here (maybe I’m paraphrasing) and what do we do? Instead of celebrating our homegrown players, we get two internationals, pay them a shit load of money, give them fancy (and sexually suggestive) titles, and we throw our homegrown hero under a bus. Then, WE get angry at HIM, when he’s not happy with the situation. That’s not very Canadian of you DeRo, you’re suppose to smile while everyone walks all over you. So what’s our solution? Send this guy--who has constantly stood up for Canadian soccer--to another (American) team!

Look, he’s an idiot for the whole writing-a-cheque motion, it made him the bad guy in the situation, but we’re even bigger idiots for reacting the way we are. If I were him I wouldn’t be giving a shit about a team/fans that I tried so hard to promote and in returned turned their backs on me as soon as I wanted some recognition. Is it a Canadian thing? That we’re supposed to be modest about everything and we’re assholes if we stick up for what we want?

DeRo, thanks for getting the goals that you do. I appreciate you.


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