Saturday, August 28, 2010

Toronto Soccer Channels

My dad wanted me to write up a list of Rogers Digital channels in the Toronto area. After going through 1,000 or so channels, I have come up with this list. I decided to share it with all (5 of) you, because I am nice like that.

Note: I included some "multicultural" Italian channels at the end, I am not 100% the show games, but they might discuss them.

Daddy’s Soccer Channels

 Channel           Station
            6          CBC Toronto
            22        Sportsnet Ontario
            35        Telelatino (TLN)
            53        The Score
            74        Sportsnet East
            75        Sportsnet West
            76        Sportsnet Pacific
            277      bold
            394      Sportsnet ONE
            395      Sportsnet ONE HD
            398      Sportsnet Ontario HD
399      Sportsnet East HD
            400      Sportsnet West HD
            401      Sportsnet Pacific HD
402      Sportsnet Ontario
            403      Sportsnet East
            404      Sportsnet West
            405      Sportsnet Pacific
            406      TSN
407      TSN2
            411      The Score
            415      FOX Sports World Canada
            425      EuroWorldSports
            428      GOLTV Canada
            429      Setanta Sports (Canada)
            502      Sportsnet Ontario HD
            503      Sportsnet East HD
            504      Sportsnet West HD
            505      Sportsnet Pacific HD
            506      HD TSN
            507      TSN2 HD                   
509      The ScoreHD
            514      HD CBC
            548      bold HD
            569      Setanta Sports HD
            584      Sportsnet ONE HD
            780      TLN en Espanol
            782      Telelatino (TLN - East)
            783      Telelatino (TLN - West)
            784      Mediaset Italia
            794      RAI International (Italian)
            795      RAI Satelradio (Italian)
            796      SKY TG24 Canada (Italian)

Hope this helps someone out there who is desperately looking for a game. There are quite a few free previews on some of the paid stations right now, so you should take advantage of that (as we speak, I am watching the United - West Ham game on SportsNetOneHD, 395!)


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