Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stronger Than Rome

I spent a good majority of the day picking my World Cup Pools. I'm currently in three different ones, which actually, is a good thing.

The first pool I am in is through FIMS at UWO (Faculty of Information and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario). My FIMS pool is where I picked my (il)logical favourites; my ideal pool if you will. What I would like to see happen, rather than what I know can and will. The winner for this pool receives a pitcher of beer, and since I already owe Kelly and Gary one from CLs (stupid Arsenal...), I figure this in pool, I can be a bit more relaxed. Plus, I would feel bad if all the guys lost to a girl.

The second pool I am in is the Family Pool/Thrillpatrick. This pool was picked via my pride. (Speaking of which, I am very disappointed in seeing what the rest of my fam has picked, and their lack of Swiss Pride. THEY COULD STAND A CHANCE AGAINST SPAIN). Anyway, the Family Pool is more for bragging rights, and to tell my dad, “I toldja so!” when I out pick him every game.

The last pool I am in, is the one I actually want to win (and the one that cost me a fiver), which is... well, I'm not sure who is running it. Let's just call it The Fiver Pool. I sat at the GC today for a good 20 minutes with my tongue out, scratching teams on and off my sheet. I threw down my pride and my fantasy and picked who I knew would win. This pool is of who I think will actually win. Spain, don't you dare fail me now.

As for my blog, 90 Minutes of Hopp will become a WC-centric database. How original, I know. But for the next little while, unless Frei signs for Chelsea, I will leave all club news and focus on country.


Post script: Weird. The website that I stole the SA2010 logo from a Filipino website. All my nations are uniting under soccer! Or, something.


  1. Um, hate to break this to you, but you actually AREN'T part of Thrillpatrick. I think you forgot to save your picks, because your profile says you didn't complete selections in time. (Also the reason why I currently have the Chileans [SANCHEZ~!] in second, despite changing my mind and wanting the Swiss...)

  2. What?! I totally did... I have been following along.