Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Group A

My Comprehensive Style Guide to the 2010 World Cup Uniforms (cont.)

Thanks for sticking with me through this! Though I realize, I should have done this backwards because if you're reading it top to bottom, you won't understand my comments, and none of this makes sense.

Two Masters degrees here people, two!

South Africa

You know, this is kinda disappointing from the host country. Whatever, the horns will make up for it.


Alright, Adidas you have won me over completely. Both your home and away are very pretty. Congrats!


I like this home shirt quite a bit. Take that Argentina's sun! The away shirt? Puma, I give you a meh.


I was going to put Ireland here for the helluva it, but I like France's shirt too much to be petty. It's that damn blue, it's so pretty! The away shirts are plain jane, but I usually like France's kit as a general rule. Stupid roster.

Okay folks, there you have it. The complete kits. All these images (for the most part, excluding a few Google Image searches) can be purchased at



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