Friday, May 21, 2010

Soccer on YouTube

What's the difference between a Pathfinder and a List? Pretty much nothing. Here's a list of Youtube links that I think you'll enjoy. They have no real use to the game, but rather little quips of popular culture embedded into soccer. Yes, I do go to university for this.

Soccer Youbtube List

World Cup 2006
If this doesn't give you chills, we're no longer friends. Soccer: The Great Uniter.


Nike World Cup Ad: Write the Future
Try to find the million dollar(s) mistake! I'll give you a hint: It's Useless-dinho.


The Ancelotti Song
It's pretty funny, but it gets annoying very quickly.


Jose sings! Shaddap Your Face
I thought this might be nice in honour of the reunion between Jose and Robben coming up on Saturday.


Dry Your Eyes Becks
Old, but still relevant. (Because Beckham is still ruining England's chance to win the Cup... get it?!)


And finally my favourite...

Adidas Football: Jose+10

Hope those clips put you in the mood.


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