Friday, May 21, 2010


Hi friends, just to let you all know I will be doing a podcast sometime in the next month (as soon as I learn how to use a mac). I decided to do Pathfinder (which will be much better than my Pathfinder Post below, I promise/will be getting marked on it) on soccer narratives. In otherwords, recommendations based on biographical description, summaries and my own reviews. While I do have my own small collection, I am always looking for any recommendations and would be greatful for any suggestions. I decided to look at broader issues on the game (ie no player or team biographies or how-to) and am not limited to just books, therefore any websites, videos, podcats etc. can also be included. And yes, I will make a plug for 90minutesofhopp, I really am that shameless.

Hopefully, when it's done I can figured out a way to put it into this blog. If you like reading my rants, I am sure you'll love hearing my rants, right? Right?!

Thanks for any suggestions/sticking with me.


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