Friday, May 14, 2010

Seydou Doumbia

I'm writing this in Open Office against both my better judgement and my wishes, so we'll see how well this will work out (answer: not very well at all). My lack of blogging lately has not been sitting well with me, so I am trying to make it up now.

It's been quiet on the soccer front as of lately, besides of course all the International Friendlies, relegation/promotion games, lower league games, cup finals, and the first ever Europa Cup finale, so I am just patiently waiting for the FA Cup. In the meantime, let's discuss yesterday's game:

Lucerne 5 v 1 Young Boys

I didn't start watching until the second half (on Swiss TV by the way, it was great!) and I have never seen worse, more disorganized soccer. MLS plays better, for Chrissakes. Now, I know it was pouring rain (yeah yeah, make your snide Euro08 remarks!), but that was the least of YBs worries. Honestly, I thought they were playing with a man down.

The game overall was sloppy, with cards throughout both sides, as well as missed opportunities. Technically, the score should have been 6 – 1 but a Lucerne goal was called back for being offside (it wasn't). Despite poor calls and poor-er shots, there was one particular feat of amazingness. Seydou Doumbia had the one lone goal for YBs, but it was a goal worthy of Messi (he went in alone, against three guys). I just tried to find it online, but couldn't, so watch this montage instead: Anyway, with him and Yapi-Yapo, The Ivory Coast is a force to be watched this WC (and I suppose Drogs and Kalou as well...)

As for Swiss soccer. Well, at least YBs always have Europa. Thanks a lot, Alexander Frei.



  1. sonja, you will find seydou doumbia's remarkable goal here: (starting at around 4:55), cheers paul

  2. Ah! I can't watch it because I am not in CH!