Wednesday, April 28, 2010

86 - 14 (at the half)

I have said it a million times, FIFA needs to figure out their rules on Fair Play (they also shouldn’t let Belgians near the pitch…) How can time wasting (Julius in the 35th) earn a yellow, but rolling on the ground like an asshole (Busquets in the 28th) be perfectly acceptable? In the second half the ref seems to be favouring Inter to make up for the atrocious first. I mean, Jose leaves his box and he only gets a warning.

LIVE BLOGGING: What I want to know is why Ibrah just went off? They need a tall guy to score from the corners. I am not complaining by the way. FUCK! Did Inter just take off Sneijder?! I guess they are happy with a 0-0 tie (I don’t blame them). You know, to hold off Barca, with a man down? Inter may the best team in UEFA right now.

Despite the fact that poessession (at the half) was 86 - 14 and I am not sure if they have complete one pass properly. (500 to 70 at the 72nd).

Back to the game. Blogging cont. after.


post script: "I hope they don't pay the other goalie just for showing up." - My Daddy.

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