Monday, October 15, 2012


Tonight, during dinner (this was before the blue-cheese-in-the-eye incident), I found myself humming “we’re going to Brazil” without even realizing it. The truth is, I am excited and nervous and terrified and excited and nervous and terrified for tomorrow.

(Sorry Duane, but, you know, feel honoured that you were ‘shopped!)

My journey in becoming a Canadian fan has been a rocky one (pun! …sorta). But, here I am, full fledge. In fact you could say, you have seen thee rise for me to become one:

(pun! And, thanks Umbro Canada!)

This also means, I am far too stressed out to discuss tomorrow's game. And, from 16h00 on wards, I will be a bit of a wreck. But, in the meantime, here’s a couple of things for you to check out while you wait anxiously for the game as well (I am so good to you!) First, as you may know (but, probably not if you don’t live in Canada), Dalton McGuinty, the Premier of Ontario, has stepped down. Currently, we are Premierless, however I will always have this tweet to remind me of all the good times with Dalton:

The second is that my newest article is up on Soccer Newsday. Curious to know how I feel about TFC Fans, MLSE Suits, and finding love in this crazy soccer world? Good news! You can read it here!

Until tomorrow, my fellow Canucks (and Canuck sympathizers). 


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