Monday, March 12, 2012

TFC Photo Essay

This isn't actually a photo essay. It's just a bunch of photos. From TFC - LAG. A game where we were 2 up at home, and ended up drawing 2 - 2. WHY DO BOTH OF MY TEAMS DO THIS TO ME?

Anyway, enjoy the pictures, I'm still too gutted to talk. Yeah, yeah, they played well. But it's time I treat TFC the same way I treat Udinese: with rage and swearing and violent fits. I love you T-O. 

I like to make Frankenstein's Monster out of things, like pretend panoramic photos!

Case and point. Also, um, that's an unattractive angle of my leg. 

Anyway. They're he-re. 

Less Monster.  

 And, again. Ignore the warped ground

 View from the 500s

View from the 500s, over a seat. 

 Anyone who took part in this, is not cool. Have some respect. Shameful and stupid.

As if you weren't expecting it.

Anyway, until Wednesday. Where we will win 1 - 3. 


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