Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Skydome or BMO?


I’m not being difficult by saying “Skydome,” it just sounds better than “Rogers Centre” when paired with BMO.

Anyway, Skydome or BMO? Time for charts!

It’s the frickin’ Skydome!
It’s the frickin’ Skydome!
It sure is warm inside!
It sure is big inside!
I’ll probably get a good ticket…
… because no one else will probably come
I’m out of pros
It’s the frickin’ Skydome

This is our house
You’ll have to wear an extra sweater

Conclusion: BMO. For various reasons.

The main one being this: TFC has always been about the 12th man (or girl in a skirt). The 12th man (or girl in a skirt) is as much as a presences in stadium as the players on the pitch (more often than not, they’re more). If Inter can’t fill even 1/8 of the Skydome, after coming off a successful Champions League campaign, how in the world will TFC? Why do that to our boys? It’s not fair for them to look up and see a bunch of empty blue bucket seats. At least give them the familiar of empty red.

Yes, Skydome would be cool (yet, warmer…) but is it really fair to our boys to move them there for a “yeah, TFC played the Skydome?” No. It’s not going to break any records attendance, it’s not going to be sold out, and it sure as hell won’t do our boys any favours by making them play on new grounds.

Of course, when they go, I’ll follow, but if you want my (humble) opinion, the Skydome just wouldn’t be a TFC game. To me, it seems the only reason the game would be played there is for glitz and glam and Hollywood. And I am not just talking about LAG showing up. Yes, it’s a billing marketing poly, but in the end, will it win us the game? Don't be fooled by the temptation of the Skydome friends, remember where your house is.

Plus, does the Skydome even sell pulled pork?!


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