Saturday, November 26, 2011

Does Not Have Season Tickets

Here's the thing, I get it, I know, I'm not special, I'm not "more of a fan" than anyone else, and I’m not “more deserving” than anyone else.

But, I can still bitch.

Once again, I am getting ahead of myself, here's what happened: after going back and forwards about it for weeks, I decided to become a season ticket holder. Apparently, this decision shocked a lot of people because they had assumed, "wait, don't you already have season ticket?" The answer is no. I'm at every game because I buy each game individually. Actually, speaking of which, I  would like to thank my Patron Saint of Soccer, Duane Rollins. He's super. 

So, I figured, instead of constantly pestering Duane (which, I would have continued to have done anyway, even if the seats had worked out) I decided that I would be independent and buy my own tickets.

Like a big girl!

So I asked around and when no one wanted any sort of commitment to me, I decided to be independent, strong, self sufficient, and get a single seat and go by myself.

My plan was that on Saturday, I would go down to Clarkson GO on the bus, go to Exhibition with the GO, wait around for my time, get my ticket, wait for the train to Union (I don't know how to use streetcars), then take the bus to Markham for a family birthday party, which, I would be late for because I would buying my ticket (fun fact: I actually blogged this on the bus to Markham and emailed it to myself to post later).

Anyway, not many people know this, but I get pretty anxious over really simple things. You have no idea (unless your Duane or the decent and likeable Jerrad Peters) how much I have been freaking out about this process to begin win (mainly because I feel the process is needlessly complicated and not very efficient, but that is the Swiss in me). So when it came time to actually do this thing, I was a complete wreck. Not only was I going to spend the whole day in transit (for a 15 minute seat selection) but I was also going to be late for the party. But whatever, it was for TFC. And I'd do anything for TFC. Or, so I thought.

As luck would have it, my bestie called (see "Matt" from the TML post) needing to go Christmas shopping, so he ended up coming to BMO with me. Thank God. Because if I had done what I was planning on doing transit-wise and left empty handed I would have cried right then and there.  

So, what happened? We got there, parked far away as to not pay for parking (had I paid $13 for parking and left empty handed I would have cried right then and there) and went through the whole process. Don't get me wrong, the staff were nice and helpful, and it was a good and well-organized set up (despite the ridiculous process), but man, what a huge fucking waste of time.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I don't think I'm special, I get that tickets sold out, I'm actually (deep down, would never really admit to it right now) kinda glad they sold out, because that means there's interest in the team.

But, fuck. I'm disappointed.

All that trouble (because Saturday at 16h30 is really not a convenient time, to be honest) and the cheapest seats left were $1,000. On the East side. I’m gutted, not so much because of the money, but because I would hate the idea that had I bought those seats, I would be forced to sit while watching games, surrounded by people I don’t know (I realize I would eventually get to know people, but I am pretty shy). Guy-who-works-for-TFC suggested I buy the higher price point (big surprise...) so that maybe next year I can relocate to where I want. Somehow, that actually made it easier to walk away.

I’m gutted because, once again, I will not be a season ticket holder. But I rather jump around alone in my living, then stay quietly seated for the 90 minutes. 

I'm writing this because I want to get my frustration out. Because I’m annoyed at the world and (ir?)rationally upset. Because I want to kill time on the bus ride. And because I wanted to say sorry to TFC (the team) because I feel as if I let them down; I really did try.

All that said, thank God, we didn't pay for parking.


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