Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Win a Date with Chad Barrett

Name: Sonja
Age: 24
Favourite MLS Team: Toronto FC
Reason why you want to Win a Date with Chad Barrett: Because it’s Chad Barrett! The best MLS player around!

So apparently there’s a film called Win a Date With Tad Hamilton. I’ve never seen this film, nor really remember it, but judging from its poster, I can guess the plot: best friend (guy) helps best friend (girl) win a date with her favourite movie/rock/sports star. Movie/rock/sports star turns out to be a douche/boring/gay and best friend (girl) realizes she’s been in love with best friend (guy) all along.

This is not the same scenario.

Chad Barrett has been my favourite MLS player since I saw him run his heart out for TFC. And that’s what he does, runs his heart out right into mine. CB is, without a doubt, the hardest working player in the MLS. You can’t argue that.

Oh sure, he doesn’t always score, but does that matter? If I were captain of an MLS team (NoDanglers FC, as my fantasy team is always named), CB would be my first pick. The kid’s got gusto, he’s got passion, and boy does he ever chase that ball!

So, my lovely and beautiful blog readers, I now appeal to you: help me win a date with Chad Barrett (and the “win” comes from the apparent contest I just made up). Ask your local sports stations, call up your local clubs, write letters to your local chairman (assuming you live in LA of course, otherwise these efforts are pointless, weird) and try to win me a date with Chad Barrett!

So please tweet my cause, blog my cause, facebook my cause, and google+ my cause: Sonja Missio wants to win a date with Chad Barrett!

We're, like, totally cute, right?! 


Post script: I’ll even foot the bill, as long as it’s under $75.00.

Post post script: For the record, the decent and likable Jerrad Peters' words were, "You can have him."

Post post post script: If CB is reading this, I'm not creepy. I'm actually a serious soccer academic. I just have a school girl crush.

Post post post post script: I am a serious soccer academic. 


  1. I hereby assert that SONJA CORI MISSIO is a contemplative soccer academic, a person of great seriousness, good manners and charm, and probably a future President of FIFA.
    John Doyle

    Author The World is a Ball: The Joy, Madness & Meaning of Soccer.