Monday, October 24, 2011



So I wanted to be a cactus for Halloween. But then I was told that that was a stupid idea and I was an idiot. So, after I finished crying, I decided to turn to Twitter for help in costume ideas.

The following blog posts leading up to Halloween will be based on the "help" that Twitter provided. I'll keep taking suggestions up until the weekend (except for carrot, etc) and give you a brief example of what I may look like.

Or, an artist rendition, if you will. Key word being artist.


TFC Player:

(I chose Frings because he clearly has the best hair, and I wasn't about to shave my head a la Plata, Danny K, Frei, Eckersley, etc. Also, I realize my eyebrows are far too high up)


(Damn I look good in facal hair)

And finally, 

Tiziano Crudeli:

(Not going to lie, this will probably be it unless someone can top it. I'ma'gonna need lots of cotton balls)

We'll see how long can keep this up for, keep tweeting me suggestions (@sonjamissio).



  1. Haha really nice Sonja lol keep up the good work! why not go as Di Natalie lol or maybe the Udinese mascot lol that would be crazy lol