Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TFC Haikus

These are really bad
I should be embarrassed, yes?
Meh, hopp TFC!

Love TFC but,
I don’t have season tickets
Or poetry skills.

BMO on Wednesday
It’s a Champions League game
Naturally, we’ll win.

Ultra, in a skirt
And TFC til I die
But don’t like cupcakes.

They released Gargan.
A Gargan-tuan mistake?
Boy! Do I like puns!

We got a German
Speaking auf deutsch to the Swiss
Must be frustrating.

I may have cheated on that
Hope Frei will forgive.

But, I still stand by
“Come on, come on, get through it”
… just can’t get enough!

Wieners’ watching me
Write these terrible poems
I can tell his shame.

I will stop these now
But I will write some more soon
They’re fun, terrible. 


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