Monday, April 25, 2011

Udinese = Wieners, the cat.

My love for Udinese is a lot like my love for Wieners (the cat).

(Chelsea bag in the background). 

Disclaimer: I’m not a crazy cat lady. Nor a hipster pretending to be a crazy cat lady. In fact, I don’t even like cats; I am a dog person. The bigger, the better:

 (Good with animals).

Anyway, Wieners came to me a lot like Udinese came to me: inherited from a family member. And after the disaster that happened this weekend, I have discovered something very important: both have interrupted my life in the same way. I love them unconditionally, but at times, I am ready to kick both to the curb.

For example, Wieners is currently being adorable; he’s curled up on my bed in a tiny ball of fluff, after being in my lap and purring contently for 30 minutes. However, despite the Norman Rockwell-y description and the fact he has full roam of my queen-size bed, he has decided to lie on top of my spring coat, covering it in fur. 

(Udinese shirt added by me).

Similarly, there’s Udinese; just as heartwarming, and heartbreaking. Right now, they’re 5th on the table (one point away from Lazio), despite their horrid start of the season. They easily beat the big clubs and win when everyone expects them to crash and burn. But put them up against Parma at home and watch them lose 0 – 2 and a player (still angry with you Inler, time has not healed any wounds).

The point that I am trying to make is that it’s frustrating loving something that builds you up as much as it knocks you down.

One morning, Wieners is curled up next to me purring. The next, he pees in my shoes.

One Sunday, Udinese is a contender of a Champions League spot. The next, you wonder if they are good enough for Serie B.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, she has to stick it out. No one said that love was easy. In fact, most of the time it’s bitter, cruel, and leaves you a hairball on the rug. The best I can do is have faith; after all, they once beat Palermo 0 – 7. Remember that? It was beautiful.

Therefore, here is my open letter to Udinese.

Dear Zebrette,

Black and white aren’t really my colours. Not together anyway. So it takes a lot of effort for me to don your shirt. 

(Note the nameless back and the unenthused face). 

Especially when people then ask me why I’m, “wearing a really bad Juventus/Newcastle knockoff.” It’s also annoying when random-guy-in-a-Liverpool/United/Braca/Celtic-coat asks me, “so who’s your team?,” and it takes 20 minutes for me to explain, to the sweet, but clueless, buffoon, who Udinese are. But you know what? I still do it. I still do it because I have faith. Not because one day you’ll become a household name, but because one day I may not have to follow, “we beat Juventus  1 – 2 at Stadio Olimpico,” with, “but tied 0 – 0 with Brescia at home.”

I also have faith that you will get a UCL spot. Or, at least a qualifying position. I have faith that once Alexis and Inler (still not speaking to) leave, you will continue to build a great team. I have faith that you will continue attacking. And I have faith that in the next 5 years me and my dad (and I guess Erik) will fly to Italy to see you compete for the Scudetto. I also have faith that your new jerseys will be sold in Canada next season.

So don’t let this little girl down. She’s counting on you.

Love and tears,

Sonja Cori Missio.

scm (and Wieners, the cat).  

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