Thursday, August 26, 2010

Di Natale

Okay, now that I have calmed down about Young Boys, let’s move onto a bigger issue. This post is dedicated to my daddy, because I have never seen him as upset as I did when he heard the news that:

“Juve are interested in Di Natale.” -Udinese president Franco Soldati.

Hold the phone! What does this mean?! Well, (basically) this would happen:


Di Natale comes back with this, I don't know anything. I want to stay in Udine where I feel good and where I want to finish my career. I've been here seven years and I want to stay here, I don't know anything about a transfer.” In fact, FIFA referred to Di Natale’s reaction as, “the player himself poured cold water on the rumours, claiming he wants to stay at Udinese for life.”

Hear that Juve? UDINESE 4LIFEZ!

You’re welcome, Daddy!


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