Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Okay boys and girls, one more month until death or glory (um, next post about WC). Currently, I am in a computer lab trying to sort out my school schedule to make sure I miss the least amount of games due to class. Oh who am I kidding, I have my priorities (is Swine Flu still a valid excuse, no questions asked, excuse?) Anyway, not having the Internet has slowed me down, and I apologize. So let us get back on track, starting with this weekend:


Holy. Fuck. This weekend for MLS was incredible, almost real soccer. Due to lack of commitment from my friends, I was unable to go to the TFC game and I am still kicking myself. Sure, I probably would have been blown away by the wind and would have come down with pneumonia, but that would have been a small price to pay to witness their epic win. Even though I had to watch the game online, because I was packing for London, it was still really great to watch the boys do their thing. I know morale is a bit low as of lately (with the team in general), but that win helped cement the greatness that TFC can be. Now, if only their fans could smarten the fuck up (not a great video, but, TFC - Sounders: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIDz1quADyA&annotation_id=annotation_105619&feature=iv).

The rest of the games on Saturday were equally as intense and high scoring:

Real Salt Lake 3 - 0 Philadelphia Union
Seattle Sounders FC 0 - 4 Los Angeles Galaxy
Toronto FC 4 - 1 Chicago Fire
Columbus Crew 3 - 2 New England Revolution
FC Dallas 1 - 0 DC United
San Jose Earthquakes 4 - 0 New York Red Bulls
Chivas USA 0 - 2 Houston Dynamo

Meanwhile, in the Primera Division:

Real Madrid 5 - 1 Athletic Bilbao

Apparently Toronto wanted to rival Real Madrid, so close boys, so close.

Anyway, well done all around MLS. Let’s hope that TFC can take their home winning streak on the road.


The final games of the EPL were just as exciting. The Battle for Fourth became a battle for third (no capitals), which, unfortunately THE Spurs could not get. They started off well, but kinda fell apart. That’s all I’ll say about that to avoid sleeping on the couch tonight. So, the overall scores:

(A) Arsenal 4 - 0 Fulham
Aston Villa 0 - 1 Blackburn
Bolton 2 - 1 Birmingham
Burnley 4 - 2 Spurs
(B) Chelsea 8 - 0 Wigan
Everton 1 - 0 Portsmouth
Hull 0 - 0 Liverpool M
(C) ManU 4 - 0 Stoke
West Ham 1 - 1ManCity
Wolverhampton 2 - 1Sunderland

(A) This is where the battle for third fell through. While there wasn’t really any doubt of Aresnal losing to Fulham, I did still have hope. I know I said that I wouldn’t mention THE Spurs, I do have to say this: even though I do hope they make it into CL (again, to avoid sleeping on the couch), I am not thrilled with the fact of FOUR English teams possibly getting in. I mean, let’s face it, I am pretty sure Young Boys could totally destroy Tottenham in a second (or, 90 minutes, whatevs).

Great, I’m totally on the couch.

(B) I know they probably should have gone easy on Wigan, but what an epic win! To beat the 100 goal mark (and then some), for Drogs to score a hat trick, for Ashley Cole to finish a really shitty season (injury, personal and otherwise) off with the final goal, and to do it all at home, was wonderful. They really are the best in the EPL, no questions asked. Yes, ManU has a bit of a rocky season with injuries, and (I would argue) with the loss of CR, but man, Chelsea are amazing. Anyway, speaking about ManU…

(C) I love Park. That is all.

Just waiting for the FA Cup final on Saturday, where the first place team will battle the last. And, more importantly, the awful, awful, new Chelsea jerseys will be premiered. Come on you Blues.

Serie A
While I will have more to say after this weekend, my predictions (this isn’t Twitter so it won’t change anything) is that the table will stay more or less the same as it currently is, especially the top two places. Anyway, for those interested, next Sunday looks like this, games at 09h00:

Atalanta V Palermo
Bari V Fiorentina
Cagliari V Bologna
Catania V Genoa
Chievo Verona V AS Roma
Parma V Livorno
Sampdoria V Napoli
Siena V Internazionale

NOTE: The proposing of the AC Milan V Juventus and Lazio V Udinese until 14h15.

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Robbie Williams is hosting a charity game, check it out:

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  1. Xamax;

    What's with the "M" after the Liverpool result? Does it stand for "minging"? It should after that result against an already relegated team.....story of our season in a nutshell....."SIGH"


  2. Slip of the keyboard, if it helps, Young Boys were just killed.

    That sentence out of context is really wrong...